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Wayward Ink is whatever independent project I undertake.

I’ve self-published some comics, games, written an assortment of things, and illustrated other things.

This Blog is a new undertaking, so it is also Wayward Ink.

With the growing uncertainty of the social medias and just a long-standing desire for my own little home for whatever I’m up to, I have finally put together what I hope to be my little corner of the internet.


I am still finding my voice in this format, so please forgive the inconsistency in my tone while I calibrate.

Wayward Ink

Rachel Eady

Comic Artist, Illustrator, Designer

Rachel Eady Photo

I am an artist with pursuits into comics, game design, and writing.

I have 3.5 years experience in game development as a 2D Interactive Illustrator and Developer at Disney Interactive. I have around 4 years experience in animation as a BG Layout Artist, BG Layout Supervisor, and occasional Animator at WildBrain and Titmouse. I have also taught Perspective and BG drawing at Langara and CATO.

Currently, I am a mother, and I am working on various independent projects, game dev, comics, and a kid’s illustrated book. And hey… I’m also in a band.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver with a diploma in Animation and Design. I also studied Painting, Computer Science, English and Japanese at UFV for 2 years prior to that.

Comic Anthology Publications:

Rest in Tankadere: Volume IV “Drawn Conclusions”
Crab Tank · Apr 15, 2015

Raised By Owls in Tankadere: Volume III “Daring Dames”
Crab Tank · Mar 1, 2013

Sufficiently Advanced in Tankadere: Volume II “Gears in the Aether”
Crab Tank · Mar 30, 2012

Self Published Comics, Zines:

Bounty Issues 1-3
Wayward Ink · 2015, 2016, 2017

Wayward Ink Sketchbook
Wayward Ink · 2017

Self Published Games:

The Attic
“You were sent to the attic, and now… you’re trapped. Explore and find an escape.”
Wayward Ink · 2019

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