“The Attic” Game Official Launch!

“The Attic”: A game started a little over a year ago as an exercise in game design is finally launched on my itch.io!

You were sent to the attic, and now… you’re trapped.

Explore and find an escape, for there’s something off about this place.

As mentioned this game was created as an exercise in game design and a project where:

  • I was limited to RPG Maker 2003 functionality
  • I was limited to RPG Maker 2003 default assets
  • Tried (failed) to keep the puzzle within ONE screen

The idea was a short complete package of a game with the potential to call it a prototype for a Unity project follow-up (which would contain original art unlike this one). I get lost without limitations quite quickly so the idea was to put lots of limitations on there and FINISH it.

I’m quite happy with the project, and if people enjoy it, I would like to pursue recreating it without the limitations of RPG Maker, so let me know what you think!

The finale was particularly limited by the engine, so I hope that goes alright for you, there were some big bugs that got fixed on that part, but let me know if anything else comes up.

Post-mortem: I have decided to pursue remaking this game in Unity, but it will be a learning journey, so it will take some time.

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