Rose Leaves

Little Things: My Rose Bush

Painted last April.

Certain times of year, the leaves get edged with red, and the light filters through in a certain way that I love.

The colour of the roses is a lovely salmon sort of colour, that quickly fades in the summer sun to white. I claim over and over that I do not like pink, but there is a certain range of colours, soft, orangey-reds, reddish-oranges, that I love. A sort of dusty colour. One might even call it pink, but I dare not.

Speaking of dust, I have been fighting off some sort of dusty… mold? fungus? Whatever it is… clinging to my rose bush. I have been dealing with it by generously pruning every fall, and it does seem to help. Trying to be careful with how I water it, tricky tricky.

I’m going to try a little series of Little Things that I appreciate on alternate Thursdays, or something like that. I have a busy time coming up (expecting a baby in a few days), but I’ll get a few ready to go for now, and we’ll see how it goes.

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